Win Your Breakup

How To Be The One That Got Away

What’s the one thing that can be even harder to get over than the death of someone you love?

Having to rise up from your own ashes alone and mourn the death of someone you thought you knew… As they live and breathe in a life that seems so much better without you in it. Yes, you want to get over your breakup but it’s also normal to want anyone who has screwed us over to not only realize what they’ve done but feel the enormity of what they’ve lost.

Even if we don’t want them back, we want some kind of affirmation that we aren’t as disposable as their actions have made us feel.

What if you could put an end to the insanity, stop the voices in your head, and put yourself back in charge, right now?

What if you could become unconditionally confident, win your breakup, and move on to attract the kind of love and respect you deserve?

You are about to become an apprentice in human triggers and a master of the bounce back.

No matter how long it’s been since your breakup, you can come out a winner. This is not a competition, but it feels like one in your head. It’s not a game, but you want to win. And even though you want to be completely over your ex, you still want him to notice your newly established indifference. Indifference that will put an end to the relationsh*t-magnet era of your dating life.

Watering dead plants is a bad look. It’s time to stop inflating the crumbs, resurrect your self-respect, and use your ex’s dysfunction to skyrocket you out of your own.

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