by Natasha Adamo

“How do you REALLY get the guy/girl? I’m sick of the transactional and formulaic advice.”

“How can I be luckier in life? I’m always trying so hard and never get what seems to come so effortlessly to everyone else.” 

“How can I stop obsessing? I’m sick of the social anxiety, paranoia, and insecurity.” 

“How do you truly love yourself if you’ve spent the majority of your life hating yourself and making decisions based on that belief system?”

“I’ve read so many self-help books. Is there a way to change my identity to the extent of it actualizing beyond motivational words on a page?”

“How can I go from doormat to in-demand – relationally, professionally, and personally?”  

“How can I have unconditional confidence and power?”

“Is there a way to call your own relational, professional, and emotional shots instead of always living in the unknown of other people’s agendas?”

The common denominator to the answers of any question in regard to:

  • Your pain
  • Your purpose
  • Your relationships
  • Your Confidence
  • Your Luck
  • Your Level of freedom – emotional, relational, financial, and professional freedom

And your destiny, ALL boil down to unf*ckwithability.

When you get to the point that no person, circumstance, relationship, or situation can f*ck with you, the sky is the limit. You start to attract the opportunities, luck, and relationships that you never thought possible, as the relationsh*ts, bad luck, and friendsh*ts naturally phase out.

It’s not that you don’t encounter haters, experience heartbreak, insecurity, fear, and failure anymore – It’s that you don’t allow these things to permeate to the point of self-sabotaging paralysis.

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