Win Your Breakup

How To Be The One That Got Away

What’s the one thing that can feel even harder to get over than the death of someone you love?

Having to mourn the death of someone you thought you knew – as they live and breathe in a life that seems so much better without you in it.

Yes, you want to get over your breakup but it’s also normal to want anyone who has screwed us over to not only realize what they’ve done, but feel the enormity of what they’ve lost.

Even if we don’t want them back, we want some kind of affirmation that we aren’t as disposable as their actions have made us feel.

Revenge does not have to come at the cost of reputation.

I’ve found that a scorned person’s desire for revenge is never portrayed as a positive, potentially very useful, and justified human response to a seemingly unjust set of circumstances.

Instead, revenge is widely presented as a guilt-inducing emotion that one needs to be bigger than, extinguish via mantra or Eat-Pray-Love excursion, and rise above. If it is addressed in any way that even hints at usefulness, it’s viewed as Machiavellian at best.

I have found huge success rates guiding clients towards utilizing revenge energy. I do this by helping them figure out how to become detached from their triggers, implement boundaries, and ultimately, attain classy revenge without playing games or having to disembark from the dignity they are trying to rebuild after a painful breakup.

This book allows the reader to utilize spiteful feelings to their dignified advantage after realizing they invested in a relational Ponzi scheme.

You will learn how to psychologically checkmate your ex; how to win your breakup without game-playing, implement boundaries without guilt, and become self-empowered instead of validation dependent.

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