Relationship Coaching

I get messages daily from people asking for relational/breakup advice and self-help.

Some of the most common questions are…

  • Is he/she emotionally unavailable? A narcissist? How do I get over someone that I’m still so connected to and in love with?
  • How can I get my ex back?
  • How can I implement boundaries, enforce standards without guilt, shed insecurity, and attract better relationships?
  • How do I get clean from my addiction to toxic relationships?
  • How can I heal from childhood trauma?
  • How can I have better relational luck, unconditional confidence, and true happiness in my life?
  • How can I get him/her to regret losing me? How can I be the one that got away?
  • How do I stop caring about what everyone else thinks?
  • Is he/she happier without me? How can I get him/her back? What is he/she thinking? Should I go back to him/her?
  • How can I get past my pain and put an end to my patterns once and for all? I’m ready to create long-term change.
  • How do I put an end to consistently feeling/being abandoned, rejected, never good enough, and easily forgotten?
  • I want to stop being a people-pleasing doormat.
  • I want to get rid of fake friends and bounce back in a way that proves them all wrong.
  • How do I deal with toxic and abusive family members?
  • I want to attract a healthy relationship and manifest my hopes and dreams. I want unfiltered joy. How do I get there?

And much more.

Sound familiar? You’re at the right place and on the right path.

If you’re looking for more in-depth, one-on-one help, working with me personally may be a good option. I currently coach readers from 27 countries around the world via telephone/Skype audio and additionally have clients (celebrities, public figures, athletes, politicians, CEOs, etc.), that hire me in person.

Whether telephonically or in person, working one-on-one is a powerful experience and opens doors for a profound change in shorter periods of time.

Here are some of the basics and what you can expect:

A free 15-minute consultation where I provide more details (and all background information) on what I do and how I do it. We discuss what you want to work on and see if this is the right option for YOU.

Sessions are 1 hour in length and can be done via telephone or Skype audio.

x Natasha Signiture



Looking forward to connecting with you! (*please check your junk email to ensure that response emails don’t end up there)

Coaching Is Temporarily Booked Out - Check Back Soon!

If you need help maintaining No Contact (until my coaching services are available again soon), please check out my course. Thank you for your kindness, love, support, and understanding – of me, my work, and each other.

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