Hi, I'm Natasha Adamo

I’m a writer, keynote speaker, relationship and high-performance coach with clients in 24 countries, and the author of the upcoming book, Win Your Breakup: How To Be The One That Got Away.

My work is focused on how to love yourself, unsubscribe from relational mediocrity, checkmate toxic people (including the cynical audience living rent-free in your mind right now), and how to positively utilize spiteful feelings to your dignified advantage after realizing you’ve invested in a relational Ponzi scheme.

This isn’t about never feeling depressed, insecure, angry, scared, or rejected. It’s about not letting those feelings permeate to the point of paralysis ever again. It’s about giving your pain such a purpose that it becomes a tailwind – instead of the headwind that has allowed you, for way too long, to put up with what you no longer will.

Want to know more about me, my background, and how I got started? Get the full story here.

My readers include people from every walk of life. What I write about does not discriminate against age, race, gender, orientation, socioeconomic status, wisdom, fame, professional failure or success. We are all in this together.

The moment you decide choose yourself is the moment others will want you to choose them.

Join me in choosing YOU, right now.

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