Hi, I'm Natasha Adamo

I’m a bestselling author, motivational speaker, and relationship coach. I have dedicated my life to helping people feel less alone, becoming dependent on nothing other than listening to their intuition and getting them out of pain, suffering, self-sabotage, and confusion that I know all too well.

I am not a professional of any kind; I hold no license or certification in anything (but am so deeply honored to have readers and coach many people from the professional psychological communities that I have the utmost respect for). My education has come from surviving myself and my own life experiences – not formal training or teaching.

I currently coach clients in over 30 countries around the world on various levels:

  • High Performace
  • Executive
  • Relationships, Breakups & Dating
  • Self-Help
  • Healing from Trauma

Additionally, I am the author of the upcoming book, Win Your Breakup: How To Be The One That Got Away.

You may know me from my former blog, Post Male Syndrome. I started PMS to answer every question I ever asked Google at my lowest, most lonely points and could not find the answers regarding:

  • Relationship and Dating Advice
  • Implementing Boundaries
  • People Pleasing
  • Breakups
  • Un-Dealt With Trauma
  • Self-Hatred/Self-Esteem
  • How to Overcome Crippling Shame From Decisions I Made in the Past
  • Forgiveness and Acceptance (of myself and others)
  • How to Reach Indifference
  • Validation Seeking
  • Being Taken for Granted
  • Toxic Friends and Family Dynamics
  • Wanting to End My Life After a Breakup but Not Wanting to Kill Myself
  • Self-Sabotage and Procrastination
  • Bouncing Back From and Breaking My Addiction to Toxic Relationships

Although the blog was aesthetically geared toward women (and written from the perspective of a straight woman because that is what I am), I was getting many male readers (along with readers of all genders and orientations).

I decided to bring all the posts to a more inclusive site of the community that YOU ALL have built. My readers include people of every age, stage in life, gender, and orientation. I am not into male-bashing at all (or vilifying anyone). I have thousands of male clients and readers; I love men. Men are not the problem. Selfishness is the problem. Un-dealt with trauma is the problem. A lack of self-love is the problem, not men. I have found that no matter what gender or orientation, we are experience pain; it’s just different body parts and dynamics.

Want to know more about me, my background, and how I got started? Get the full story here.

You are so much more than someone else’s decision. You are the product of your OWN.

It’s time to stop being a doormat, prioritize your peace, and give your pain a purpose. Decide to join over 1 million others and choose YOU now.

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