Hi, I'm Natasha Adamo

I am the #1 bestselling author of Win Your Breakup: How To Be The One That Got Away. Along with coaching clients in over thirty countries, I write relationship, self-help, and life advice here on my blog. I have dedicated my life to giving what I wish I had; to helping people feel less alone and getting them out of pain, suffering, toxicity, and self-sabotage that I know all too well.

My readers include people from around the world of every age, stage in life, gender, and orientation. I am not into male-bashing at all (or vilifying anyone). I have thousands of male clients and readers. Men are not the problem. Selfishness is the problem. Un-dealt with trauma is the problem. Self-hatred is the problem, not men. I have found that no matter what gender or orientation, we all experience the same pain and bs. It’s just different body parts and dynamics.

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You are so much more than someone else’s decision. You are the product of your OWN.

It’s time to stop being a doormat, prioritize your peace, and give your pain a purpose. Join millions of others and CHOOSE YOU, now!

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