Emotional Intelligence: How To Tap Into Your GPS & Bounce Back

Emotional Intelligence: How To Tap Into Your GPS & Bounce Back

Do you know when Natasha writes about riding on your white horse? Well, there’s a part of you that aligns with this from the moment you are born. It is part of what makes up your emotional intelligence.

It’s your inner GPS. Your emotional GPS.

We all have one. Sadly, I think we are forgetting how to follow it. Call it intuition, gut feeling, a sixth sense, they all mean the same thing. I am hoping these words will help you recalibrate your own GPS. This is your emotional compass that exists to help guide you and increase your emotional intelligence.

It begins with trust. You need to trust yourself before anything else in life. Imagine you are a plant. You need to shoot down your roots to further your growth. Plants don’t think about it, they just KNOW to do that. Survival instincts are powerful. We all need to TRUST ourselves. You need to practice tuning in, so your instincts become razor-sharp.

Your inner GPS guides you every day. But you may be getting out there on the daily without tuning into it. However, it can be hard to connect to this inner knowing when you are swimming in a deep sea of pain. Your focus is lost, and your feelings are so intense, you may feel you are drowning in them. Keep the faith though. There are pluses to everything in life, even when you are in desperate and deep pain. I think when we are at our lowest we are at our strongest. Yes, I did just write that.

And here is why…

When you are broken inside, when you have been f*cked over, when you cannot get out of bed, when taking a shower is too hard, when you are unable to eat, you’re in such a powerful place. Yes, it’s painful too, unspeakably so, but know this: When you see all your brokenness, you have to pick yourself up. Piece by piece. You must love yourself and connect with your sense of self-worth again. You will learn what broke you. A lesson exists for you. This is what emotional intelligence is all about. Your emotional GPS will reflect back to you what you need to work on for self-growth. It is an incredibly powerful place to be. Raw but pure. It’s a gift.

Remember this: Anyone who brings you deep, soul-wrenching pain, is not meant to be in your life. Take the lesson and exit.

Sometimes we head in directions ready to enjoy the adventure ahead. Sometimes it’s not right for us and the people involved are not who they at first seem. You’ll know this as your emotional GPS will signal it to you. If you are headed in the wrong direction, it will try and redirect you. Tune in to the messages that you are getting.

Is it a sense of being let down, lied to, or just feeling constantly like things are not adding up?

These messages are not your imagination, they are instincts allowing you to feel what is happening (things you may not yet be able to see).

Your emotional GPS will “hashtag” the words and lines you are hearing that are not true. They will keep popping up in your mind.

Take heed! I can think of many times I got a direct hit message off my emotional GPS. It comes at you, a thought, a random word, a question mark about something you just saw or heard. It’s a simple piece of information when it comes to you. It will make you stop and think. These little nuggets of information are raw. They are like intuitive raindrops. You feel it, look up and wonder “hmmm rain?” Take heed of that tiny drop, because it alerted you to the potential storm that may be ahead.

Regardless of the situation, your GPS will be rerouting you constantly if things are not good for you. This is what emotional intelligence is all about. Red flags will be flying. Flapping even. Neon lights will flash. Next time you see one of those, know that your emotional GPS is talking to you. Trust it. Listen to it. It’s like your heartbeat – 24/7. That’s the simplicity of it. It’s part of you.

There is so much unending power in following your intuition. When your heart is broken, your GPS isn’t. When life has shattered in front of you, your GPS is still in one piece. When you feel you have lost your way, your GPS knows you haven’t. In your very darkest moments, find solace and peace in that aloneness. TRUST yourself! No one can take your emotional intelligence from you. Love yourself enough to realize those raw little gut instincts are there for you. The overriding message your emotional GPS always wants you to receive is “You are worthy and lovable.”

When you feel negative and unloving energy, get out of there! You cannot thrive with this. Stop listening to others, stop believing things you want to believe and let it go. If things are getting hard and going nowhere, there is a message in that. Reroute.

It is one thing to show commitment to a situation and loved ones who appreciate and deserve you, but another thing to keep trying in situations that are destructive for you. Your emotional intelligence is inside your GPS. It sorts the wheat from the chaff. It helps teach and guide you as you go through your life, experiencing things and learning from them.

It all boils down to emotional intelligence. This is the control center of your GPS.

Here are the core messages that your emotional GPS wants you to receive:

  • You are lovable.
  • Love yourself first.
  • You are worthy.
  • You deserve to feel good.
  • You CAN start over! (reroute!)
  • You are enough.
  • Don’t be afraid to be you.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up even if you find that hard. Use your voice.
  • You have things to offer others and the world. Don’t ever sell yourself short.
  • Have self-respect always – then disrespect from others will always be minimized/not happen
  • Your patterns (that are comprised of your actions) always speak louder than words. Same for others. Stop listening and start looking
  • Move on if you aren’t feeling loved or cared for. (reroute!)

Whenever you are at your most broken, your emotional GPS is communicating to you at its strongest.

Those overwhelming feelings you have inside? It’s your GPS redelivering all the information it’s been red-flagging you with – the information you ignored/justified/watered down/excused/disregarded/gave 25 extra chances to, etc.

When in doubt about situations: get off, get out, cut off, move on. If you keep going, you will hit the proverbial brick wall.

Brick walls are not a sign to get out a jackhammer and pound away. A brick wall is NOT a destination. It means STOP. There is NOTHING here for you. When you find yourself standing in front of a brick wall, reroute. There were a lot of red flags you bypassed before you arrived. This is a sign you are in the wrong neighborhood. Don’t be looking at buying real estate here. Brick walls are sheer agony when you hit them. Next time, pay attention to those red flags first. Also know that despite anything you go through in life, you are never permanently lost or broken. Remember this: The lowest ebb is always the turn of the tide. Always. You can only go back up from here.

There will always be selfish people out there who want to put you down, use you, manipulate you, take from you, lie, treat you badly. There will always be people who just seem to want to crush you a little, devalue you and rain on your parade. Those bad vibes you are feeling? Yep! Your emotional intelligence and GPS is connecting to you.

These are not your people. They are not your tribe. They aren’t anything, except blips on your radar that remind you of the importance of feeling good. A reminder that those people, those roads, those choices (if you make them) are not going to serve you well. Ironically, it can hurt a great deal to change course when you have invested yourself and your heart into someone or something. Remind yourself WHY you are walking away. Know that the pain you feel doing that pales in comparison to the pain you would have felt if you continued. Trust your emotional GPS. It knows.

Put up with enough of other people’s crap, and you will begin to disengage with yourself, your gut, your inner knowing. At a soul level, this is devastating if you allow it to continue. This disconnection happens because the trust you have in yourself begins to erode. You begin to absorb the negativity of others, and doubt yourself. Question your perspectives and beliefs. The truth will seem distorted and you will be lost in confusion, pain, loneliness. And in your darkest moment, you’ll question your worthiness.

When you are broken inside and feeling like you are worthless, that is your emotional GPS signaling to you GO BACK – WRONG WAY. No one deserves to feel broken, and if it is directly linked to how someone is treating you, it is definitely time to change lanes – not stay in the same one at the expense of your emotional intelligence.

We live in a world that can be beautiful and full of love, but there are times it is not. Love yourself enough to know that although there will be storms in life to weather, you should at no point feel worthless or unlovable. Feeling that way means you are in the wrong place with the wrong people. Reroute immediately.

Be your own “Phoenix rising.” Write a new chapter with new people in it. Stop looking for validation from people who don’t appreciate you and appreciate yourself instead. Reroute. It’s far better to be on a long journey alone for a while, than traveling with people who don’t help you get to your destination or contribute to the journey in positive ways. Look at the situation for what it “is” not what you want it to be.

Go back to basics, don’t complicate your life by overthinking. When your head is spinning and your stomach is churning you need to reroute. All that emotion has peaked for a reason. Get on your white horse, you’ll be safe there. Stop tuning into the crap others are telling you and tune into your emotional GPS; your emotional intelligence. It’s an innate whisper and it comes from the deepest part of you. It will only give you wisdom. No fake promises and broken truths. There is nothing to be afraid of or doubt about your inner voice. It is pure, raw knowingness. Short, simple messages of immense value.

Because it comes from your soul, it always wants the best for you. Fill your life journey with people and places who love and support you. Get enough of those in your life and you will learn the difference between what actually *is* and what just seems to be.

That’s also why we ride white horses. When you are on your white horse, you can gently move forward. If you fall off by chance, it will wait for you to get back on. Just like your emotional intelligence and GPS. No matter how many wrong turns, dead ends, or brick walls you encounter, it will continue to stay with you. Because it resides within you. Your deepest, soul whisper.

Finally, understand this: You are never really traveling alone.

You are always loved. You are wiser than you think you are. And when your happiness has gone missing and you’re shrouded in doubt, it is simple. Trust yourself. Reroute.

Written by: Natasha Adamo Team Member, Lorelle.

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