Can People Change Or Is It Just Fake?

Can People Change

Discovering the Deceit

There are countless stories of people who discovered they were being cheated, lied to, and manipulated, long after the honeymoon phase of their relationships had ended. They find themselves betrayed by those they loved and trusted, leading them down a spiral of self-doubt and heartbreak. The revelation can be so shocking, it forces them to question the entire relationship, the authenticity of their partner’s love, and worst of all, their own self-worth.

The Blame Game

Upon finding out about their partner’s true nature, many people, bewildered and in pain, resort to blaming themselves. They convince themselves that they must have “done something” to cause such a dramatic change in their partner’s behavior. But is this really the case? Can one person’s actions truly transform someone else so drastically?

Reconsidering Relationship Perspectives

The Illusion of Perfection

Many people idealize their ex-partners, remembering only the good times and ignoring the ugly reality. Sentences like “He was the greatest person I’ve ever known” or “How can I get her back?” echo in their minds. However, in this clouded judgment, they often miss an essential point. The ex-partner they’ve painted as an almost-perfect individual is a mere illusion. They were not the best; rather, they made the individuals feel their best because they fulfilled needs that individuals struggled to satisfy themselves.

The Bitter Truth

The bitter pill to swallow is that these idealized partners are not the ‘greatest’ ones, nor are they irreplaceable. They are manipulative individuals who create an illusion of perfection and charm to ensnare their victims. The individuals’ belief that they cannot live without their ex-partners or find someone like them again is merely a sign of their struggle with self-love and boundaries.

Addressing Pain and Regret

Unbearable Heartbreak

The pain of realizing that you’ve invested in a fraudulent relationship can be gut-wrenching. It feels like investing in a Ponzi scheme, where all your emotional capital is exhausted with no return on your investment. The heartbreak is even more profound because, unlike money, emotional investment cannot be regained easily.

Relational Ponzi Schemes

The sad truth is, even the most successful, intelligent people fall prey to these relational Ponzi schemes. The allure of these relationships is so strong initially that people continue to invest their feelings and emotions, hoping for a return. But what they fail to realize is that they’re investing in an illusion, not a real, empathetic person. The feeling of betrayal after the revelation can be devastating.

Self-Blame and Pleasing Disease

Inappropriate Actions or Toxic Behavior?

After the end of a toxic relationship, many people end up blaming themselves. They ponder if they acted clingy, suffocating, or did something to turn their partners away. However, they fail to understand that even if they did, a non-toxic person would not just exploit the situation without communication. They would either address the problem or, in extreme cases, end the relationship respectfully.

Breaking the Self-Blame Cycle

What people need to understand is that they didn’t lose a gem. They’re suffering because they’re stuck in a vicious cycle of people-pleasing, and the end of the relationship feels like a personal failure to them. But the truth is far from it. No one can make a decent person drop their morals or empathy just by being themselves.

Observing Character

Signs of a Non-toxic Personality

In a relationship, you understand a person better by observing how they treat others around them – their friends, family, children, or even the waitstaff at a restaurant. A non-toxic person may have annoying habits, but they possess character, integrity, and empathy. They stand by you just as they stand for themselves.

Hallmarks of a Toxic Personality

On the other hand, toxic people are masters of deceit. They can seem perfect initially and show you everything you’ve ever dreamed of. You might fall for their potential, ignoring the red flags and even compromising your life to fit into theirs.

The Jekyll and Hyde of Relationships

Investing in Potential

Toxic people lure you into a beautiful dream, only to shatter it eventually. You find yourself working harder to restore the initial bliss, but it only seems to annoy them. They turn the tables, making you feel like the culprit when you’re left emotionally bankrupt.

The Burden of Unmet Expectations

The truth is harsh but vital to understand. They didn’t change over time. It’s just that you didn’t know them well in the beginning. People reveal their true selves over time, and your partner’s real character eventually surfaced.

Confronting the Reality of Change

Accepting Unchanging Character

Remember, people don’t drastically change. Your ex-partner presented themselves as a precious gold bar, only to reveal a tarnished, unworthy metal over time. Their change is not a reflection of your worth but a sign that they were never authentic.

Flushing Out the Fake

Character involves more than just matching actions to words. It’s about showing consistent patterns over time. Your ex lacked character, but that shouldn’t make you lose faith in yourself or love. It’s time to let go and flush out the fake. And remember, it’s about recognizing the turd, not the gold that lured you in.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can people really change their core personalities?

It’s quite rare for people to significantly change their core personalities. While people can evolve and grow over time, the fundamental aspects of their character tend to remain stable.

2. Why do people initially show a different side of themselves in a relationship?

In the beginning stages of a relationship, often termed the ‘honeymoon phase,’ people tend to present their best selves. This could involve masking certain negative aspects of their personality. It’s only with time that their true nature starts revealing itself.

3. How can I avoid falling into a toxic relationship in the future?

Look for consistent behavior over time. Early in the relationship, observe how they treat other people, especially those who can do nothing for them. Make sure to set boundaries and ensure that they respect those boundaries.

4. What should I do if I find myself in a toxic relationship?

If you realize you’re in a toxic relationship, the first step is acknowledging it. From there, you can seek help from a trusted friend, family member, or professional counselor. It’s important to prioritize your mental and emotional health and well-being.

5. How can I heal from the aftermath of a toxic relationship?

Healing from a toxic relationship involves time and self-care. Seek counseling if needed, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and surround yourself with positive influences. It’s important to remember that the other person’s lack of character does not reflect on your worth.


In life, we often encounter individuals who masquerade their true intentions with charming behavior and convincing narratives. The reality is, people rarely change their core personalities. Rather, over time, they reveal their true selves.

It’s essential to remember that the person you loved at the start is not who you find yourself entangled with at the end of a toxic relationship. It is not you who has made them change. Instead, it was their true nature surfacing over time, which was initially masked by the honeymoon phase’s intoxication.

Just like investing in a Ponzi scheme where the promising returns are nothing but smoke and mirrors, investing emotionally in a person who is deceitful and manipulative is likely to leave you feeling cheated and devastated. But don’t blame yourself, just like the smartest investors can fall for a Ponzi scheme, even the most loving individuals can fall for a toxic relationship.

A crucial part of healing is recognizing the difference between change and revelation. This understanding will allow you to not only mend your broken heart but also equip you with the wisdom to avoid falling into a similar trap in the future. Remember, a person lacking integrity, honesty, and empathy isn’t a reflection of your worth, but a testament to their lack of character. You deserve someone who matches their actions with consistent patterns over time.

Written by: Natasha Adamo

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