Does He Like Me? 30 Signs That He’s Serious About You

Does He Like Me

In the past, I was very unsure of myself and because of this, was always wondering “does he like me?” in every relationship I was in. I was this way in my friendships, school life, and business relationships too. Where I stood with everyone in my life was always changing because I was always changing to accommodate and please them at the expense of a life that was officially no longer my own.

I had no idea who I was or what I was capable of. My worth was measured exclusively by validation and acceptance from others.

Desperation soon took over. I became hyper-paranoid/insecure/jealous, painfully aware of all of the wrong things, painfully unaware and blind to all of the red flags, and self-obsessed in the sense that everything was always my fault.

Why can’t this be easier?

Why do I have to even have to ask “does he like me?”

Isn’t it supposed to be easier?

Yes, it is.

I used to make a lot of excuses for:

  • Selfish behavior from toxic, sh*tty people.
  • The anxiety (essentially an allergic reaction) that I felt in their presence.
  • Their mixed signals, cheating, disloyalty, and lies that I would always blame myself for “making them” do.

Throughout the years of writing here on the blog, coaching thousands of clients around the world, and reading all of your comments and emails, I’ve noticed that this is a common theme.

We make excuses for bullsh*t because it hurts more to fold with dignity (that we don’t know how to ignite) than it does seeing if we can be “good enough” to get the cat to bark. We take online quizzes and become obsessed with trying to figure out how much they like us. The more doom of black and white we sense, the more we try to convince ourselves that it’s just another shade of grey.

And after we’ve wasted even more time, we still continue to wonder, “does he like me?”

Allowing ambiguity to be your clarity is, essentially, spitting in the face of a universe that is giving you all the signs you need to protect yourself and move on.

It’s just as unintelligent as pulling “does he like me?” petals off a daisy and going with whatever you land on.

We try to complicate something that is very simple. In relationships of any kind, your gut will know the truth.

With that being said, our emotions, triggers, and hearts aren’t that simple. I still get confused and find myself getting caught up in wondering/obsessing over what’s going on. Although it’s not in romantic relationships and friendships anymore, I found myself doing this with a new business relationship last month.

If you’re wondering “does he like me?” here are 30 signs that he’s serious about you & your relationship…

1. You are prioritized and treated like the one and only person he has a romantic interest in – not a placeholding option in a pathetic rotation of thirst.

2. You never feel anxious or scared to express how you feel. Nor do you feel at risk of him recoiling, freaking out, ghosting you, judging you, or dumping you for respectfully communicating your feelings.

3. He doesn’t create drama or incite jealousy and then, shine an “aha!” spotlight on how “crazy” you’re being.

4. He doesn’t make you feel guilty for, nor does he try to negotiate your standards, limits, and boundaries down to nothing.

5. He doesn’t use your triggers and reactivity against you – he reassures you through words that match actions (that match patterns).

6. He doesn’t get off to triangulation. You don’t feel like you have to compete for his love and attention with his family members, friends, coworkers, and any exes from the past.

7. There is no selectivity in his love, support, and empathy.

8. He is consistently consistent.

9. He doesn’t future fake with you to get his needs met in the present moment. He future builds by backing up what he says with action.

10. He asks more about you than he goes on about himself.

11. He lets you know that he is off of all dating apps and would like it if you did the same.

12. He is more interested in being “a man” to you than “THE man” to his friends.

13. He’s the same guy with his family, as he is with his friends, as he is with YOU. There is one personality and set of values, not multiple.

14. He texts/calls you right when he can – there is no waiting, elementary game playing or carrot dangling.

15. Your boundaries don’t freak him out – they turn him on.

16. He doesn’t keep you a secret, flirt with other women, or seek attention from everyone and their sister.

17. Your relationship keeps progressing. It doesn’t start, stop, stall, or go into reverse.

18. He doesn’t treat you giving him a chance as though he will have multiple ones.

19. He handles any exes that may still be in the picture respectfully – by explaining that he’s with you and acting in accordance with that.

20. He makes plans with you in advance and is genuinely interested in your interests. You feel safe, valued, prioritized, and like anything but a last-minute decision.

21. He isn’t possessive and doesn’t make it all about him, nor does he ruin your time when you go out without him.

22. It doesn’t take you threatening to leave for him to admit he made a mistake.

23. He doesn’t blame the past or make excuses for his behavior (or anyone else’s).

24. He wants to be exclusive and is clear about what that means to him. There is no resisting you, your relationship, commitment, honesty, etc.

25. He’s never “too busy” to be in the relationship and he doesn’t get defensive when you have a concern.

27. There is no ambiguity. He’s not afraid to commit to your relationship, to making plans, and to following through.

28. He doesn’t kick you when you’re down or make you feel insecure after opening up to him.

29. He’d rather tell you the painful truth than pacify you with a lie.

30. He doesn’t use your past, your trauma, or anything that you’ve told him against you. He uses it to better understand and connect with you.

You will know that he genuinely likes and is interested in you because he will consistently show you how much he cares.

Some people really do want to meet you at the level of maturity and readiness that you’re at. But because they are a little leaguer who loved the idea of the majors and in reality, just can’t hang…

They’re initial enchantment and interest will turn into anger. And they will self-sabotage your relationship – not because of anything that you did (you believed in them), but because who you are highlights everything that they simply aren’t. They will end up resenting you for the very reasons that they fell for you. 

And none of it will have anything to do with you.

YOU have everything to do with you and you deserve all the above + more.

Written by: Natasha Adamo

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